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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Precious Beginning! We appreciate your willingness to donate your time and talents to help our organization’s mission. If you are parent, medical expert or someone who wants to help critically ill children, we offer a variety of projects to find the best match for your availability and skills.  

There are 3 levels of volunteerism at PB:

  1. Direct Parent Assistance Programs
  2. Volunteering at the Hospital
  3. Volunteering outside the Hospital

Photos of some of the children we've helped.

Parent Buddy:  We have trained volunteers who are on the unit on different evenings depending on the hospital and volunteer availability. These volunteers are there to offer support to families at the bedside.

Baja Nights:  Both hospitals offer free Baja Night for families to come and eat dinner for free. Volunteers can get involved in many ways with this event. This can range from picking up the food, setting up the room and making juice to sitting with families and offering support.

Hospitality:  PB provides gifts for families around the holidays, Mother’s and Father’s day. When a specific event is near, we will send out details requesting help but in general, there are several volunteer opportunities associated with this program. Volunteers can get involved by helping put together or make the gifts that will be handed out. One could also volunteer to hand out the gifts to each family or drop them off at the hospital. We need volunteers to help decide and order the gifts or products. PB has also done things like hand molds and photos and volunteers can help with these projects as well.

Outreach:  PB has gotten involved in hospital events, such as the NICU reunion and Holiday parties, where we have co-sponsored events or provided volunteers, supplies, etc. Depending on the event, volunteers could get involved in many ways. We have used volunteers to man booths, make and or serve food, supply decorations, help get gifts donated, etc.

Warmline:  This is our Hotline or what we like to call the warmline. Families or hospital staff can call the PB number requesting support for families. We have a volunteer retrieve messages and then match them up with a parent buddy. Volunteers can get involved by becoming a parent buddy on the phone or volunteering to be the person who retrieves the messages and sends out the emails.

Communications:  Precious Beginnings is dedicated to sharing information about the NCIU experience to parents and the public. We are always looking for information and articles for our Newsletter and website.

Speakers bureau:  From time to time PB gets requests from physicians, the nursing school, media, schools, etc. to hear from parents who have been through the NICU. Requests are sent out to our volunteer base asking for families who are interested in doing this.

Fundraising:  Fundraising is a vital function of all non-profit organizations. Fundraising is usually directed from the board, but all volunteers are welcome to participate. Depending on the method or activity, volunteers can get involved in a variety of ways.

Committees:  If you want to get more involved with our organization, you can join a variety of committees for fundraising and hospitality events.

Donations:  PB is always in need for specific donations-in-kind or monetary donations. Please click here for more details.

If you are interested in any of the above projects, please contact us.

Precious Beginnings * P.O. Box 19508 * Portland , OR, 97280-0508 * (503) 244-3350 *