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Who We Are? Precious Beginnings was started in 2000 by parents with children born in neonatal intensive care units that wanted to offer support to other parents going through similar experiences.  Precious Beginnings has expanded into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with volunteers ranging from parents, families, medical experts and community members that offer assistance, education and support to parents and families with premature or critically ill children.

What We Do? From the moment a baby is born in the neonatal intensive care units at Legacy Emanuel Children’s Hospital or at the Neonatal Care Center at OHSU/Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, Precious Beginnings (PB) is there to offer support to the parents and families.  As each child is unique, PB offers a wide variety of services ranging from direct parent mentoring to literature at the hospitals so parents can chose the level of involvement that works for them.  Precious Beginnings is with parents at the hospitals, supporting them when they take their children home, advocating for premature babies to the medical profession and providing community outreach.  Click this link to view all our specific programs.

Why We Do It? In an average week in Oregon, 883 babies are born and of those 90 are born prematurely (less than 37 weeks).  13 are born extremely premature (less than 32 weeks), 54 babies are of low birth weight and 9 are very low birth weight (less than 3 pounds, 5ounces).  In 2005, 10.2% (4,674 babies) of all live births were premature babies, up from 8,6% in 1993.  Between 1995-2005, the rate of infants born prematurely in Oregon increased more than 15%.  (source)  For some babies, the NICU will be the only home they know.  To get more information on perinatal statistics for Oregon and the United States, visit the March of Dimes website:

What is our Mission Statement? Touching the life of each family in the NICU in a positive and lasting way.

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